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May I introduce myself? In short i am a travel addicted girl with the problem of a missing sense of orientation. however during the past years i figured out that this lack is not a problem at all, it is more an opportunity. 

my mum always told me: 'Sina, people with a missing sense of orientation do see more of the world.' i had no idea how right she was before i travelled the first time on my own. since then i had many amazing experiences just because i had lost my way and that is for me the definition of serendipity moments. on this blog i would like to take you with me on the long journey of finding my way. 

BUT i want you to be an essential part of it! this is supposed to be an interactive travel blog where you can come up with the craziest ideas you have. it doesn't matter where it is or what it is, just let me know and i will test it for you. so tell me where should i go next and what should i do? leave your suggestions below 

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'Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller.'

Ibn Battuta


that's me, sina a girl who became addicted to the traveling world when i ended school and since then i can't stand still. the next destination always awaits me with new adventures and i decided, now is the time to let you experience these unforgettable moments with me.