Germany - North Sea Region

In case you read the 'About Me' page, you know already that i studied my masters in Heide, Germany. i guess almost nobody knows where that small village is located. Let's say it is quite up north in Germany. heide has only around 17.000 inhabitants however the region where it is located is known as one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. The North sea is just a short drive away so when ever we had the time and the weather was not too German, we went. another characteristic of mine is that i LOVE the sea. in general i  love water it doesn't matter if it is a relaxed summer day at a lake, jogging along a river or hanging out with friends at a swimming pool. BUT the sea is just the ultimate feeling of happiness and freedom for me. hearing the sound of the waves combined with the wind in your face, the sand under your feet and the sound of the seagulls above you... for me there can't be anything better.  Also when i think back and consider all the places i've lived the last years, i find myself always drawn back to places connected to water. in the end it even made me board a cruise ship where i spend 5 months living on the sea but that is a different story. 

Many people believe the beach is only for the summer months. that is not true you should try it once. if there is a sunny winter day just go for it and try it. with a thick winter jacket, boots, hat, scarf and gloves it is such a nice experience to see a beach empty. you can walk for hours along the coastline or in St. Peter Ording for example  enter one of their cafés built on stilts on the beach. Drink a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and just enjoy yourself. another activity that you might want to try also during winter times are the boat trips to seal colonies. these cute guys just lay on sandbanks and are enjoying the sun. they are so relaxed and used to the boats that nothing makes loose their calm and therefore they are perfect photo models for some nice snap shots. trust me the beach is not just for the summer. if you are looking for a nice location to stay in St. Peter Ording i can recommend you the Beach Motel. During the years i lived in Heide, this place became practically our second home. it is a stylisch and modern surfer spot. having it's own bar and restaurant it also offers many events for the public during the year. We came for sushi nights, concerts, cocktail workshops and stand up comedy nights and had always a great time but checkout yourself Beach Motel. in the end i enjoyed my time living up north in Germany. Do you also want to spend a few days in this pretty region of Germany? Check out they have places to stay for everyone. another advantage of that region is, that it is not only country side, the next big city was always close by. Hamburg was also just a short drive away and that city captivated my from the first moment on and still it is by far my favorite German city. So Hamburg definitely deserves its own blog post.

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