That's Me

Yippieh! You made it to the 'about me page' which means i didn't bore you in the first place. 

this page should introduce myself to all of you, who do not know me very well. 

Honestly, i am not that kind of person who could talk about herself for hours. however talking is my thing. i am sitting here now thinking how to start and that is really not easy but i will just try to tell you a bit of me and what i did so far.


Once  upon a time, there was a girl who... sorry just kidding. i think the best characteristic to describe myself is that i love the unusual. i am never afraid trying which drove my family crazy from time to time but for me it is either you try things or you regret it. so with this background my whole story started. i grew up in a small town in western Germany. i finished school and i did not really know what to do. so i asked myself what do i really enjoy in life and the answer came right away: TRAVELING so in total it took me about one minute to decide what i want to do with my life. sometimes it can be that easy but the next step was to figure out if it is possible to study traveling and where? 

Germany has some places where you can do that but i have to admit i was not the smartest person in school - today i know it was just the fact that i had to do things i was not interested in but that was going to change. still with my not sooo awesome degree i had not really a chance to study in Germany. so what did i do? i told you about the trying part right? yeah so this is what i did i moved abroad to the Netherlands and studied tourism and leisure management in an international program which means yes i did this in english.

i just want to mention that i was less average in english during school so my mum called me insane i rather said ambitious. 


So my first stage was Deventer in the Netherlands where everything started.

my bachelor studies took four years. it is one year more than in Germany but it has a reason. one and a half of the four years i spent abroad doing internships, studying a semester abroad and in the end working with a company for my bachelor thesis. 


first i did an internship in Morocco where i lived in Casablanca and Marrakech for in total 6 months. i worked for the biggest national tour operator 'Atlas Voyages' in the event and incentive department.


the second term that i spent outside Europe was my semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea. i had the chance to experience the Asian culture and i really have to say i totally fell in love with this country and the people i met. i also visited North Korea and Japan during that time. yes North Korea you read right, i told you i love the unusual. 


with the unusual it went on when i decided to board a cruise ship for 5 months to write my bachelor thesis with the American cruise ship company holland america line. during these 5 months i went from the Caribbean across the Atlantic ocean towards the Mediterranean sea.


Once i received my bachelor degree i decided that i am still the studying mood. i mean the last four years were just amazing so why to stop this life? i applied for a masters degree in heide, Germany. again it was an international program so i had the chance to meet many interesting people from around the world. moreover i felt like studying in German would be a bigger challenge than in english because my professional  vocabulary in German, well let me call it not existent. the entire master degree had a duration of 2 years of which i spent again one year abroad.


during the third semester i went for one semester to South Africa, writing a research paper about adventure tourism in national parks. in the end i did a road trip for 6 weeks through the entire country which i would describe as the best time of my life so far.


when i came back i had only a few weeks coming from the hot summer in South Africa moving to the ice. you heard right i went for 4 months to Nuuk, Greenland writing my master thesis. this time was the most intense time in my life. for everyone who does not know me well yet. i am not that kind of winter person i love the summer and the heat it can't be hot enough for me. so you can imagine how i felt when i arrived in Nuuk with a temperature of - 25 degrees.


Once I received my master degree i moved to Aschaffenburg, a city in the southern part of Germany. since the beginning of October i work here now for Vtours, a German tour operator. i mean at some point i thought i need to get serious and settled. we will see how long that takes until the wanderlust pops up.


i hope i caught your attention a bit and you are curious about all the things that happened to me during these adventures. on the pages of 'my little world' you will find my adventures that i experienced so far. i am trying to write the stories as fast as i can. until then you can already start reading my latest travel stories. under 'next stop' you can find a short sneak peak of what is coming up soon.


but now to the most important part: your interaction on this blog! do you have any place or activity i should try and blog afterwards about it? Please, let me know about it and leave me a comment on the 'home' page. who knows maybe your tip will be one of my next travel stories.