26. November 2017
What to do on a cold and dark November day? Wellness is the answer! Clear your heat and relax until you feel as a newborn. The best way to start in the stressful Christmas preparation. ❤︎
22. November 2017
There is this huge hype about Copenhagen the last years. So of course I had to check this city out. Is the hype justified? Read on and find out. ❤︎
18. November 2017
When we met 2015 in Seoul, South Korea no one would have thought that these people would stay lifelong friends. 2016 we were finally united in Madrid. The trip was just unforgettable. You also want to spend an amazing weekend in Spains capital? Read on and see what you cannot miss. ❤︎
14. November 2017
May I introduce? Say hi to Lady Gaga, Shakira and Angelina Jolie. Last year I spent one week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi together with my girls. Let's find out what the VIPs experienced. ❤︎
11. November 2017
The Privilege to live where other People spend their Holidays. Not everyone is so lucky but I was such a lucky one. So let me take you to a short trip to the beach and the beautiful North Sea Region of Germany. ❤︎
10. November 2017
I will tell you know about my life in snow and ice. These 4 months were the most intense time in my life. During my stay I got to know myself a lot better than before. Although it always had been a dream of mine to experience the Arctic and the Antarctic I did not expect this time being so challenging. ❤︎
05. November 2017
My first blog post is ready and I hope you will like it. As you all know I will go where ever you send me or in this case call me. The last weekend I visited my friend Roxy who started working in Salzburg a few weeks ago. Visiting friends all over the word is such a pleasure and maintaining friendships over many years became really important to me. So have fun with my first blog post about polaroid pictures with Mozart, the best chocolate cake ever and the first Glühwein for this year. ❤︎